Aritonnic Gecko Diet With Insects
  • Aritonnic Gecko Diet With Insects

    I am beyond happy to let you know that Aritonnic has come out with a revised product that makes it easy to make a delicious trade mark pending home made diet at home, and for now has two formulas:

    ​* Aritonnic Gecko Diet Complete With Insects ( this is the original diet )

    Just like before each pouch makes roughly about 3lbs of food and you can freeze whatever you don't use for up to a year! I love this formula because it is made from a combination of all natural and fresh ingredients! All my species of geckos have a great response to it, and it tastes great! 


    Here are the instructions on how to make it ( in the order listed):

    Aritonnic Gecko Diet with Insects:

    16oz of low fat yogurt smoothie ( you can use any flavor)
    15g of organic honey
    315g of mango ( frozen or fresh)
    310g of canned peaches in 100% fruit juice ( drain the peaches)
    1 banana
    1 pouch
    Blend well in a 48oz Blender


    ***For variety use different flavor smoothies or substitute the mango with apricots or papaya(remove seeds if using fresh)! The best way is to add some organic fruit powders! I get mine from Gotham Geckos!***


    Here is a video by Maria (Who we can also credit for the awesome pics)

    Tip O' Texas Geckos How To

     on how to properly prepare this diet! This diet can be purchased from her as well as 





    **Aritonnic Gecko Diet**

    What You Need to Know, Questions you may have, And what is what!

    What is Aritonnic Diet?
    Aritonnic diet is a complete balanced diet formulated By 


     the purpose of this diet it to provide your geckos with live probiotics which promote healthy gut flora. Having healthy gut flora in your reptiles ensures for a healthy digestive system and an overall healthier animal. This diets provides essential vitamins and minerals through natural ingredients that are helpful and not harmful to your reptiles. Natural ingredients and fresh fruit eliminates the need for fillers. Fresh Is Always Best

    What is healthy gut flora? Why is it important?
    Gut Flora is the beneficial bacteria in gut. This healthy bacteria helps break down harder to digest foods. Promoting this healthy bacteria also help decrease disease causing bacteria.

    Powder/Supplement Probiotics vs. Live Probiotics found in yogurt smoothies
    An important advantage of consuming probiotics through whole foods is that they can provide a greater source of overall nutrition than supplements. In a recent study evaluating the levels of nutrient intake from foods versus supplements, researchers found that while supplements increase levels of total nutrient intake, there are distinct benefits associated with nutrients from foods not found in supplements. For example, probiotic-rich foods deliver micronutrients essential for your body’s daily functions, plant compounds that can help protect your body from oxidative damage and stress, and perhaps the most crucial element for gut health, fiber. Many sources of fiber act as prebiotics (aka “food” to feed the probiotics in your gut.) After all, probiotics need food to function, just like we do.

    Why Are The Ingredients Not listed On the back of the packaging?
    At this time this diet is still in the stages of being patented. It has been used for many years by many breeders and is now being offered to the public. Until that patent is out of pending to avoid plagiarism and any legal issues the ingredients for the time being are not listed on the packaging. I understand the concerns and questions anyone may have regarding this. 


     is very happy to address any concerns you may have on this matter!

    What exactly does Patent Pending Mean & How does that apply to the ingredients list?

    Patent pending means that an inventor has filed a patent application on the invention with the USPTO. The USPTO has not necessarily patented the invention yet. A benefit of patent pending is that it establishes a priority date. Also, provisional patent rights is granted to the inventor after publication.

    Patent Pending DOES NOT PROTECT the creator from plagiarism! Inventors and competitors often misunderstand patent pending. Inventors will mark their products with “Patent Pending” thinking that no one else can copy their invention. This understanding would be incorrect. Patent pending status does not give inventors the ability to sue others now for patent infringement. Thus, so long as the patent application is only in the patent pending phase, the inventor cannot tell copiers to stop copying the product. However, they have provisional patent rights which can be enforced later on after the patent grant.





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