Death The Kid

Death The Kid

Purchased From Christie's Reptile Room
​ Lineage Unknown


Pretty Effen Wicked

Out Of
​ Pretty Pants (Gecko Haven) x Wicked (Wicked Arboreals)


DeadAss AFKN Mystery

Out Of
​ Divine Hallow (Crowned Cresties) x Abbadon (The Harlequin Hoard)


Produced by The Harlequin Hoard
​ out of 
​Ramona x Perogi


Produced By
The Harlequin Hoard,
Out of
Cheetoh x Pierogi 


Distinguished Gentleman

Produced In Collab w/ Rockstar Geckos

Majestic AF (The Harlequin Hoard Supernova x Tabernackle) x ALT-J (Owned By Rockstar Geckos)