Liquid Calcium Dosage Chart

For regular supplementation of healthy geckos give recommended dosage once a month.


For geckos with Metabolic Bone Disease give the recommended dosage twice daily for 1 month.

(We recommend appropriate UVB lighting and visiting an experienced exotics vet for geckos with MBD.

It is a life long condition and needs to be properly treated.)

Always consult your veterinarian first if your animal is unhealthy.

There can be underlying issues that may need further treatments.

If you are supplementing currently breeding females who are laying eggs and/or females coming off of breeding season, give the recommended dosage after they lay along with their monthly dose.

During this time we usually dose twice monthly or as needed.

If you have any questions please send us a message!

Size and Dosage Chart:
0-25 grams = 0.01ml
25-50 grams = 0.02ml
100 grams = 0.03ml
150 grams = 0.45ml
200 grams = 0.06ml
250 grams = 0.77ml
300 grams = 0.09ml
350 grams = 0.10ml
400 grams = 0.12ml
450 grams = 0.14ml
500 grams = 0.15ml
550 grams = 0.17ml
600 grams = 0.18ml
650 grams = 0.19ml
700 grams = 0.21ml
750 grams = 0.23ml
800 grams = 0.24ml
850 grams = 0.26ml
900 grams = 0.28ml
950 grams = 0.29ml
1000 grams = 0.31ml

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