Fecal Testing Kit

Frequently asked questions

Why test your pets for worms?

When you use worm medicine you never know what worm you have or if you got rid of them. Pets have seven types of worms. You can only see two types of those worms. Worms can infest your pet, your child, or yourself. The only way you can know is to test the stool. Most pets have worms and should be checked yearly. They acquire worms after walking on soil or grass, then lick their feet ingesting worm eggs. This can occur anywhere, at any time, since stray dogs, cats, rabbits, or wild birds, etc. are everywhere and most times do have worms. You have no way to prevent the exposures your pets have each day. People frequently get worms from their pets so test your pet now, especially if you are pregnant!

Why use our test?

It is convenient, simple, easy to use, and at an affordable price.
This is a prepaid fecal (stool) worm test, that the pet owner uses to check for the 4-6 parasites found in the stool.
We help pet owners know:

  • if your pet has worms
  • what specific dewormer to buy
  • whether the dewormer worked (pet owners retest 2 weeks after deworming and then 1 mo. later). All pets can safely be dewormed with OTC dewormers, if you know what to use, and we help you to know.
  • 10% off your medicine purchase, when you purchase a test from us. We will email you a discount code, after your purchase has been verified. Contact us with any discount questions, here.

What animals do we test for worms?

We test all species of pet or livestock (except for fish).
Animals include: dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds, rabbits, goats, sheep, cattle, etc.

Is this test accurate?

This fecal test is as accurate as most veterinary hospitals. We use a much more effective concentrating fluid than most animal hospitals, and allow 1-4 hours of time to concentrate or centrifuge.
When mailing worm samples, add 2 drops of rubbing alcohol, and 2 drops of water to the worm, to prevent drying, and disintegration.

How long does it take?

We process the test within 24 hours of receipt,and call you with the results. We mail or email the written report within 7 days (if needed). It is best to send the samples on Sunday or Monday, in case USPS delays the shipment.

How old can the sample be?

It is better to send a fresh sample, but the sample can be as old as 5-7 days, when we process it to get reliable results. Your veterinarian, and I need fresh samples, only if we are checking for protozoan(Giardia) parasites. It is extremely difficult and rare that we can diagnose giardia on a normal fecal sample, so reading a 5-7 day old sample produces the same results as your Vet would produce. In fact since we centrifuge the samples or let them concentrate 1-4 hours.
Make sure you provide exactly 1-2 Teaspoons of Stool, any less, and we might not be able to run the test!

I saw a worm in the sample but you reported the results as negative/I sent you worms in a plastic bag but still got negative results. How can that be?

In many cases, especially cats, there may only be several worms in the gut, and not enough to produce eggs at all times, so the sample can not render a positive result, even though that pet has worms.
Another cause of seeing a worm in samples, yet producing a negative result, especially if it has been picked up from the soil/grass, when it is warm outside, is the presence of maggots (produced from fly eggs) or various soil parasites, which are not from the dog, but crawl on to the stool sample.
Most likely the worms you put in the bag, disintegrated in the bag - if there is too much water. (You only need 2 drops of alcohol, and 2 drops of water). However, roundworms rarely disintegrate, so the probability of it being tapeworms is 95-99%.

We do the best we can with the samples provided. These issues are common in all veterinary hospitals, even with the freshest of samples.

If you still are concerned of the results, purchase another test, collect a teaspoon of sample from 3-5 samples, over 1-2 days, and place them in the double bagged container, then place all contents plus the sample, in our clam shell. Keep the samples refrigerated until you have collected enough, and are ready to send to us. Send on a Sunday thru Tuesday directly to our Veterinary hospital at: Animal Care Center 1281 E. Napier Ave. Benton Harbor, MI 49022.​